Bean Validation 2.0

Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380) is currently under development.

It's planned to be part of Java EE 8 (can of course be used with plain Java SE as the previous releases) and will primarly focus on leveraging the language features introduced in Java SE 8 for the purposes of validation. We'll also address other features further improving usefulness and usability of Bean Validation as requested by the community and as time allows.


The original Proposal for JSR 380 is available on the JCP website.

Changes to the specification are usually done via proposals for specific issues, investigating different alternatives and approaches. Feedback welcome!


Current master

CR3 (Final Approval Ballot)


CR1 (Proposed Final Draft 1)

Beta2 (Public Review Draft 1)



Early Draft 1

Bean Validation 1.1

Bean Validation 1.1 (JSR 349) was finished in 2013 and is part of Java EE 7. Its main contributions are method-level validation, integration with CDI, group conversion and some more. You can learn more about Bean Validation 1.1 here (specification text, full change log, API docs etc).

Bean Validation 1.0

Bean Validation 1.0 (JSR 303) was the first version of Java's standard for object validation. It was released in 2009 and is part of Java EE 6. You can learn more about Bean Validation 1.0 here (specification text, API docs etc).