Jakarta Bean Validation

Working with the API and TCK sources


Pull requests

Changes to the Jakarta Bean Validation API are realized using pull requests against the API repository on GitHub. Use the same rules than for submitting a specification change to the spec repository.

Coding guidelines

Obey to the following rules when working on the API sources:

  • JavaDoc

    • Make sure each member is completely documented
    • Provide package-level documentation when adding new packages
    • Use {@code} instead of <code>, because it is more readable and {@code} also escapes meta characters
    • @param, @return and @throw don't end with a '.'
    • If referring to other classes and methods use {@link}. Use {@link} only once in a block. For additional references to the same source use {@code} instead of {@link}.
    • Use <ul/> instead of '-' for enumerations
    • Use @since to document in which spec revision a type/member was added to the API
    • Refer to How to Write Doc Comments and Joshua Bloch's "Effective Java" for more information on writing good comments.
  • Use the IntelliJ code style template from the reference implementation to format API sources


Information on how to work with the TCK, running it against a given implementation etc. can be found in