Jakarta Bean Validation

How to contribute a specification proposal

The specification proper is written in AsciiDoc, a mark-up language geared towards good source readability as well as nice rendering.

The recommended approach to contribute to the spec is via GitHub pull requests. This is an extremely useful tool to review and comment proposals.

Many specification changes involve API changes as well. In this case, propose a pull request for the Jakarta Bean Validation API repository as well. When doing so, make sure to follow our coding guidelines.

Want to be a very good citizen? Also work on implementing your proposal on the reference implementation and the TCK and send a pull request for each. Easy :)

Pull requests

Some basic info on pull requests.

When doing a pull request, make sure to:

  • rebase your work off the latest master
  • name your topic branch by the issue number (like BVAL-42)
  • rebase your work rather than merge, non linear histories are annoying
  • respect the style (coding, number of columns per line etc)

Recommended tools to edit the AsciiDoc specification

Refer to the tips on asciidoctor.org for AsciiDoc tooling including live previews.