Jakarta Bean Validation


This page is a glossary of Jakarta Bean Validation terms as well as Java generics terms.

Java Generic terms are copied from Angelika Langer's glossary.


Generic type: A class or interface with one or more type parameters.

class List<E> { ... } 


Parameterized type (instantiated type): A type created from a generic type by providing an actual type argument per formal type parameter .



Type argument: A reference type or a wildcard that is used for instantiation / invocation of a generic type or a reference type used for instantiation / invocation of a generic method .

List< ? > list = new LinkedList< String >();

Type parameter (type variable): A place holder for a type argument. Each type parameter is replaced by a type argument when a generic type or generic method is instantiated / invoked.

interface Comparable <E> { 
    int compareTo( E other); 

Type use: Where annotations are placed on the type parameter of a parameterized type of a member or method declaration (this is a Bean Validation terminology borrowed from the TargetType's TYPE_USE enum value).

List<@Email String> emails;