Jakarta Bean Validation

Jakarta Bean Validation roadmap

We have seriously reduced our stock of todos with the release of Bean Validation 1.1 but we still have a few things we would like to put in the specification eventually. Most of them require some experimentation in Hibernate Validator or the other Jakarta Bean Validation implementations out there. After feedback they will be ready to be folded back in the specification.

We encourage you to follow the Hibernate Validator roadmap. We have also a left over from Bean Validation 1.1 described below.

Next revision

Issue Id (JIRA) Done Proposal Description
BVAL-508 Validating elements contained in a container (like collections)

(Archived) Next revision

Issue Id (JIRA) Done Proposal Description
BVAL-199 Offer helper classes to build and potentially raise ConstraintViolationExceptions
BVAL-202 Apply constraints on the elements of an iterator
BVAL-210 Make sure JTA / Java EE plays well with Bean Validation + JPA when exceptions occurs (at least raise the concern upstairs ;) )
BVAL-211 Consider making javax.validation.ValidatorContext a self-referential generic type
BVAL-213 Convert persistence storage exception into Bean Validation exceptions
BVAL-214 214 Ability to validate an object and a list of changes
BVAL-215 Make composition more flexible (OR support)
BVAL-216 Work with the JAXB EG to have a nice Bean Validation integration
BVAL-217 Separate the notion of message resolver vs message interpolator
BVAL-220 Offer stereotypes to skip validation on empty or null
BVAL-225 Propose ability to provide default resource bundles (for a constraint definition provider)
BVAL-229 Offer a programmatic API to declare constraints on a domain model
BVAL-233 Provide access to contextual info during message interpolation
BVAL-234 234 Ignore @NotNull on JPA's @GeneratedValue properties for pre-persist operations
BVAL-235 Support parameterized payload attributes (additional string param on @Payload)
BVAL-237 Expose validated bean via ConstraintValidatorContext
BVAL-240 Revisit cross-field validation
BVAL-248 248 Introduce an evaluation order for constraints on a single property
BVAL-251 Improve Bean Validation support for modularized environments
BVAL-252 Improve support for the creation of constraint libraries
BVAL-268 Align with the EE platform on where to find validation.xml