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Bean Validation 1.1 CR1 - Proposed Final Draft

Posted by Emmanuel Bernard    |    20 Feb 2013    release

Our Proposed Final Draft has been officially handed over to the JCP last night.

After a frantic month of work culminating with two weeks of monomaniac focus, we are finally handing over the Bean Validation 1.1 Proposed Final Draft to the JCP. Of course everything is open source so you can get it too:

What's new in Bean Validation 1.1?

The specification highlights very well the main features of this version but to summarize them:

  • work done entirely in the open
  • support for dependency injection and better integration with CDI
  • support for method and constructor validation
  • support for group conversion when cascading
  • support for EL based message interpolation

What's different between Beta 4 and CR 1?

We did a lot of polishing and nailed a lot of remaining corner cases. Here is a few of the tasks we worked on:

  • rework of the JavaDoc
  • move to @SupportValidationTarget on ConstraintValidator instead of the additional @CrossParameterConstraint on the constraint to mark a constraint as cross-parameter
  • many more examples in the specification
  • improve node creation logic when nodes are added programmatically
  • improve the creation logic of custom nodes when using the programmatic API of ConstraintViolationBuilder in a ConstraintValidator

And of course many hours rereading the specification to find holes and fix them.


Hibernate Validator 5.0.0.CR1 and the TCK should be here any minute. Help us make this spec as good as possible by reviewing it and opening issues where it itches you.

You can access the specification here. All changes are marked with a different color. Green for additions, yellow for changes. This will help you see what has changed precisely.

Please send us your remarks and comments:

Many many thanks to my partners in crime Hardy and Gunnar that worked around the clock with me to deliver this proposed final draft right on time but with no compromise on quality.