Jakarta Bean Validation

XML namespace and JCP

Posted by Emmanuel Bernard    |    04 Jun 2013    feedback

Antonio Goncalves, fellow JCP member and friend has asked me why Bean Validation XML's namespace has not moved from its original location to the jcp.org location like other Java EE 7 specifications.

I don't remember being aware that such a move was orchestrated so there are two possible reasons:

  1. I was never been made aware of the move,
  2. I was aware of it but considered that it was low priority compared to the other issues we were working on.

Provided we had to work hard till the last minute, and that the community never was keen on the XML support we put in Bean Validation, #2 is not impossible but I suspect it's #1 or I would have opened an issue to track the task.

Anyways, that's not a problem. Anyone can open an issue (I've just created one for this task), write a couple of pull requests to fix the spec, TCK and RI as explained in our contribute section. Scratch your own itch: so who's jumping? :)

We will have to wait for the next version of the spec to avoid breaking older applications but if it's committed, it won't be forgotten.

PS: no, I'm not bitter, but since I haven't blogged in a while that was a good occasion to remind everyone of the power of contributions ;)