Jakarta Bean Validation

Bean Validation TCK 1.1.4.Final released

Posted by Gunnar Morling    |    18 Jun 2015    tck

Exactly one year after the last maintenance release we've published version 1.1.4.Final of the Bean Validation TCK today. It contains exactly one issue, BVTCK-68, which is about the removal of two tests from the TCK which could not be tested in a portable manner across containers. Check out the issue itself for the complete story.

As always, the new TCK version is available for download as TAR.GZ and ZIP on SourceForge. Alternatively you can obtain the test suite via Maven, Gradle etc. using the coordinates org.hibernate.beanvalidation.tck:beanvalidation-tck-tests:1.1.4.Final.

More information about the Bean Validation TCK can be found here and the TCK reference guide. In case you have any questions or ideas around the Bean Validation specification in general or the TCK in particular, don't hesitate to contact us through our mailing list.