Proposal for method validation added

by Gunnar Morling on 01 Feb 2012 proposal

The first draft of the proposal for method-level validation is online. The proposal covers the declaration of parameter as well as return values constraints, extensions to the Validator API, related additions to the meta-data API etc.

So check out the proposal document and let us know what you think, e.g. by sending your questions or remarks to the beanvalidation-dev mailing list.


Work on method level validation

by Emmanuel Bernard on 16 Sep 2011 proposal

The expert groups has begun its work on method-level validation. A feature that was drafted in the latest spec (appendix) but that we could nto finish in time.

You will be able to define constraints on parameters and your favorite interception technology (CDI, @Inject, AspectJ, Spring etc) will call Bean Validation.

The final approach is not fixed yet but it will look like this.

public class BidManager {
    public void placeBid(@Min(0) BigDecimal upTo) { ... }

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